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The sweet, slightly acid taste of the Algarve's orange blends in perfectly with the intense flavor of São Tomé's chocolate, with min. 70% of cocoa with notes of cappuccino. This combination also has the light sweetness of Madeira Wine.

The unmistakable sweetness of the cherries is associated with the intense flavor of the brandy, which blends in perfectly with the 'Sao Tome' chocolate with min. 70% cocoa and slightly spicy aroma.

The blackberry, a fruit with a slightly sweet flavor, associated with the hazelnut flavor, blends exceptionally with the 'São Tomé' chocolate with min. 70% cocoa. To this mixture we added the nutmeg, a spice that imparts an unmistakable aroma and flavor


3 tubes with S. Tomé black chocolate combined with algarve orange, cherry, brandy and blackberry, hazelnut and nutmeg.

Additional information


Packed in black card.


The chocolate is presented in aluminum tubes.


Each package has 75g.


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