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Sweet with a pleasant aroma and a very citrusy and bittersweet flavor, resulting from the mixture of the Azores pineapple with the Prince herb. It presents unique qualities, highlighting the characteristics and flavor of the fruit and the aromatic herb that gives it a refreshing aroma of lemon. Fruit of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), it presents a cylindrical shape, slightly afusado, with strong orange peel and yellow flesh. The pineapple of the Azores (Ananás Comosus L. Merril, Cayene variety), cultivated on the island of São Miguel (Azores archipelago, Portugal), is produced in glasshouses using traditional cultivation techniques: application of 'fumes' Hot beds' based on vegetable matter, obtaining a fruit of unique qualities of aroma and flavor.


Travel set of 6 delicious tubes, consisting of sweet pineapple of the Azores; Esmolfe's sweet apple mousse; Sweet strawberry with mint; Blueberry jam with lemon balm; S. Tomé black chocolate with orange and rosmarino honey

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Packed in black card.


All products are presented in aluminum tubes.


Set of 6 tubes. Each tube contains 20g.


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