Rosemary Honey with Apple and Cinnamon


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Light honey, with a mild and aromatic flavor, is collected by the bees in the abundant fields of Rosmaninho, located on the lower slopes of the Serra da Malcata, a nature reserve with 21.000 hectares.

The dehydrated apple, of Portuguese origin, is thinly sliced ​​and is the result of a drying process that reduces the moisture content of the fruit to 50% in a controlled environment without the addition of sugars, dyes or preservatives, resulting in an 2 product % Natural.

Cinnamon, with a fragrant hot aroma, with antifungal, antibacterial and antiparasite properties, has immense health benefits.

Composition: Honey (99%), apple with cinnamon (1%).


Set of 6 honey tubes.

An aromatic blend of rosemary honey with apple and cinnamon, which is very well-known and appreciated by all, you get a warm and delicate flavored honey, with intense aroma and cinnamon flavor.

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Packed in black card.


The honey is presented in aluminum tubes.


Set of 6 tubes. Each package has 75g.


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