2 days

HappyPortugal through TravelTailors suggests a tour of the villages of Portugal where traditions are still alive.

Tour Routing

  • DAY 1: Ferraria de São João

    Reception in the village.

    Reception in the Village. Ferraria de São João is a village that is part of the network of 24 Shale Villages of Central Portugal. Located at the top of a ridge on the southern end of the Serra da Lousã, it is possible to observe how the mixture of shale, limestone and quartz results so perfectly, since its location is the zone of geological transition where these types of rocks surface. Within a few kilometers there are river beaches, other shale villages, great restaurants, Roman ruins, caves and many other reasons to visit. In this village, it is still possible to take part in the activities that some of your 40 inhabitants still carry out. You can be a pastor of the community herd for one day, picking olives or grapes. By car, you can visit some castles in the region, two Roman villages or even go to the Sanctuary of Fatima.

    Starting with 20h30: Dinner and accommodation at the Casa do Vale do Ninho or Casa do Zé Sapateiro.

    A House of the Valley of the Nest, Nestled in the valley that gives it its name, has sweeping views over the village of Ferraria de São João and its quartzite crest. It is a small country house recovered with environmental concerns and energy efficiency, balancing modern and traditional architecture of the region. The result is a high level of comfort in rural surroundings with 3 rooms with WC, panoramic living room and kitchen. From the huge veranda, you can enjoy the relaxing landscape of the valley surrounded by gardens, forest and small gardens of organic farming from which many of the ingredients come out for meals in the house.

    A Casa do Ze Shoemaker Has been rebuilt and prepared to receive up to 10 people in a comfortable and familiar environment. Sharing the kitchen, the living room and an internal courtyard, guests can choose one of the four double rooms or the suite, all with private bathroom. At the reception, an old piece to grind the corn makes us remember the reality of other times.

    15h30 - Light walk to the Fragas de São Simão.

    Near the house where we make bread, there is a path marked by the mountain that leads us to the Fragas de S. Simão. Here we find a beach of recent construction, surrounded by immense fragas, in a place of unparalleled beauty that can travel And thus enjoy all its excellence.

    16h30 - End the workshop Of bread.

    We removed the bread from the oven and returned to the village of Ferraria; Jams, butter, tea and juice are waiting for us to snack on our fresh cheese and toasty bread!

    Starting with 20h30: Dinner in BURGO, Lousão.

    Whoever comes and crosses the Serra da Lousã is faced with the Castle road, inserted in a fold of the mountain range, once a mandatory crossing point for those who made the connection between the coast and the interior of the central zone. Here we find the restaurant The burg, An old abandoned watermill transformed into a dining room and a mandatory stop for those who enjoy good traditional flavors and magnificent landscapes.

    Accommodation in the House of the Valley of the Nest or in the House of Zé Sapateiro.

  • DAY 2: Ferraria de São João

    09h30 - Herd Trail (2,5 - 4,8 km / 1 - 2,5 hours)

    Today he will take a walk through the beautiful ironwork valley of S. João in the company of Xico, a very nice donkey. Between fragments and streams, passing bridges and cork oaks, you will discover a world of tranquility. The Way of the Shale of Ferraria de S. João shows us several perspectives of the surroundings of this village along 4,8 km.

    The route begins at the Mountain Bike Center and descends to the center of the village, and then follows the banks of the Ribeira da Ferraria, which is born here. Along the way, you will find small wells with several traditional mills to draw water. If you opt for the longer route, you can still see old water mills, refreshing puddles in the Ribeira gorges and finally, in the final part, when you approach Ferraria again, a leafy forest of cork oaks and the communal corrals, ex-historical libris Of the life of this village.

    13h30 - Picnic lunch.

    After the walk, you will make a picnic lunch on the hill next to the village.

    15h30 or hour a combine - Transfer to Lisbon airport. Travel to the destination city.